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Three nights of midweek lodging (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights) for the price of two!


High Camp Update »

Fall and Winter Calendar

For the current status of cabin availability please go to our Booking Calendar.  We are accepting reservations for Fall 2015 and Winter 2015-2016. We book cabins one year in advance.

Family Rates Dramatically Extended

We are pleased to announce these dates when kids (up through age 17) stay free:

  • July 29th, 2015 through September 24th, 2015
  • November 25th, 2015 through December 6th, 2015
  • 2016:  January 8 & 9, February 19 & 20, March 4 & 5, April 1st – April 25th

Fall Season 2015 begins July 29 and ends October 11, 2015


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Thanksgiving Snowshoe by the Rainbow »

December 4th, 2014

Tubbs Snowshoes Logo

From the Official Blog of Tubbs Snowshoes:
An article by Maciej, Backcountry Ambassador

“It was an amazing Thanksgiving weekend for our group of three, plus dog. I have been planning this trip for a long time and finally it materialized. Scottish Lakes High Camp (elevation 4985 ft.) was our destination…”
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Take Us Away! »

September 29th, 2014

Scottish Lakes High Camp is mentioned in the ParentMap article,

Take Us Away! Restful Fall Retreats for Kids and Families in Washington State

“All of us need the impetus to pull ourselves away from technology and reset our brains, breathing in the sharp scent of a ponderosa pine forest or the briny Pacific Ocean at sunset. And we need to reconnect with each other. Here are four extraordinary places in Washington state to go this fall that provide opportunities for respite and reconnection.”
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Scottish Lakes High Camp

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Find Yourself Above the Fray!

There's no place like Scottish Lakes High Camp.

Nestled against a high mountain ridge, our nine-cabin retreat provides a unique opportunity to recharge body and spirit. Pared down to the essential rustic comforts, High Camp allows you to pursue your favorite mountain activities, reconnect with friends and family, or reflect in an unparalleled natural setting.

Scottish Lakes High Camp.

Recharge, reconnect and refuel above the Fray!

Trips, Trails, & Tours

Ridge Wanders »

David and Debbie at Ladies Pass June 2015

As I get ready to head out this coming weekend on a backpack, I am reflecting on some of the closer, shorter ridge walks found in the High Camp area. My backpack trip will take me to Ladies Pass and the beautiful ridge walk to the west towards Marys Pass and to the east towards Cape Horn.  These three High Camp ridge wanders came to mind:  McCue Ridge into the Hanging Gardens, Lonesome Ridge which heads towards Lake Ethel, and the high meadows cirque created by the confluence of McCue Ridge with the Chiwaukums at Tamarack Point, McWaukum and Baldy. All are worthy wanders during your stay at Scottish Lakes. Ridge walks tend to have less water and catch more weather, so come prepared! You will also need the Chiwaukum Mountains Green Trails map #177 and your best navigation skills.
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High Camp Happenings

Fly Fishing Clinic – September 19th »

Zach and Logan admiring their catch

At the mention of fly fishing you may envision long, flexible fishing rods skillfully being maneuvered back and forth to present artificial flies to hungry fish. To be successful it requires lots of practice, generally expensive equipment (including rods and reels, waders, float tubes etc.) and access to areas having adequate room for tangle-free back casts. This weekend I’ll be demonstrating a method of using artificial flies using a common spinning rod and reel and a casting bubble. Children and adults can be successful with a minimum of practice and the cooperation of hungry trout. Using artificial flies rather than worms or baits sometimes produces better results because the fish are feeding on natural insects. Also catch and release works well since the hook can usually be removed with little damage to the fish. The downside is the fish may not be feeding on surface insects and will ignore your artificial fly, or our fly doesn’t look like what they are feeding on. Thus there are no guarantees for a trout for supper.
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Around the Woodstove

PCT Encounter »

Zeke and Isaac PCT sign

Well this morning Zeke and Isaac Reister are heading south on the Pacific Crest Trail. Zeke works on staff at High Camp; his son Isaac has also worked for Scottish Lakes. They left Hart’s Pass and are hiking together to Stehekin. At that point Zeke will hop the boat to Chelan and Isaac will continue on down the trail on his own;  great father and son bonding adventure. But there is more!
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Propane Standing Lights »


These 20 pound propane tanks used to haunt our lives! Each cabin had a tank perched on the outside wall to operate the propane burner. Also, each cabin had a free standing light attached to a propane tank for indoor lighting. These standing lights worked fine, but they took up a lot of room in our small cabins…they just got in the way. They were heavy and hard to move around. Worst of all was making sure we had enough extra tanks to replace those that had run out. We had about 20 tanks operating all over camp.
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