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Waiting on Winter »

Early Season Winter Special

Come to Scottish Lakes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays nights from December 1st through December 17th. A 2 night stay is only $125 per person including 2 nights lodging and transportation. Doesn’t get much cheaper than that! :)


High Camp Update »

Winter and Fall Calendar

For the current status of cabin availability please go to our Booking Calendar.  We are accepting reservations for this Winter 2014-15 and Fall 2015. We book cabins one year in advance.

Trail Marking will be December 1 and 2 – FULL!

Family Rates Dramatically Extended

We are pleased to announce these dates when kids (up through age 17) stay free:

  • December 5, 6, 2014 -January 2, 3, 2015 -February 20, 21, 2015 -March 6,7, 2015
  • All late winter dates beginning March 27, 2015 through April 25th

Winter Season begins November 26, 2014 and ends April 26, 2015

Fall Season 2015 begins July 29 and ends October 11, 2015


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Take Us Away! »

September 29th, 2014

Scottish Lakes High Camp is mentioned in the ParentMap article,

Take Us Away! Restful Fall Retreats for Kids and Families in Washington State

“All of us need the impetus to pull ourselves away from technology and reset our brains, breathing in the sharp scent of a ponderosa pine forest or the briny Pacific Ocean at sunset. And we need to reconnect with each other. Here are four extraordinary places in Washington state to go this fall that provide opportunities for respite and reconnection.”
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Hats Off to a First Class Experience »

February 24th, 2014

Dear Chris,

Friday morning came, our day to leave, and we got a break in the snowfall, and blue sky opened up, and the sun put a smile on everything. After three days of continual snow, this break in the weather made it hard to leave.
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Past Articles

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Scottish Lakes High Camp

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Find Yourself Above the Fray!

There's no place like Scottish Lakes High Camp.

Nestled against a high mountain ridge, our nine-cabin retreat provides a unique opportunity to recharge body and spirit. Pared down to the essential rustic comforts, High Camp allows you to pursue your favorite mountain activities, reconnect with friends and family, or reflect in an unparalleled natural setting.

Scottish Lakes High Camp.

Recharge, reconnect and refuel above the Fray!

Trips, Trails, & Tours

Trail Marking 2014 December 1 and 2 – FULL! »

Early December snow on Calypso Run

We have this great work party in early December….I know it is on a Monday and Tuesday so not everyone is able to consider this opportunity. So sorry about that, can’t think of another way to do it. If you can join us we really have a great time! It is early snow so there is usually no base. It is our opportunity to check the trails to make sure they are easy to follow. We  hammer in new diamonds if necessary, sometimes improving  routes and cutting branches that might obscure signs. We also lug bamboo poles into the back country so we can mark difficult routes. 
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High Camp Happenings

December in the Back Country at High Camp »

Tree Trimming Party Family Weekend

We open December this year with our annual volunteer trail marking party! We are so excited, there are over 20 people signed up and a good snow base for skiing trails, checking for markers that have disappeared over the year and clipping branches that obscure signs and diamonds.

Over the years we have developed a few special traditions at High Camp during this festive season. The first is Tree Trimming which falls on the first Saturday in December. This weekend is also Family Weekend so it is a happy, fun filled event. The kids string cranberries and popcorn. We decorate the tree adding decorations that have been donated over the years by our wonderful guests. The tree stands in the lodge in front of the double doors, where the ceiling is high so the tree can be as tall as we want it. We make Christmas cookies, listen to music and enjoy each other’s company.
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Around the Woodstove

Bushy-tailed Wood Rats Find a Home at High CAmp »

Wood Rat in Live Trap

The Bushy-tailed Wood Rat is a beautiful, gentle, docile member of the rodent family and looks very much like the rats depicted in the Disney animated movie “Ratatouille”. Bushy-tailed Wood Rats are cute, with large eyes, and whiskers spanning a good two inches; they have large, white, five-toed feet and a long, gorgeous tail and their ears are huge for their body size. They have a face any animal lover would immediately fall in love with. They are not to be confused with the Norway rat which arrived in North America via merchant ships around 1775 and now span the entire North American continent including Alaska. Bushy-tailed Wood Rats are native to North America.

Recently while hosting up at High Camp a guest staying in one of the cabins mentioned to us that they had  had a nighttime visitor and suspected some form of large rodent. I immediately suspected a wood rat as they other name for wood rats are “camp robbers” or “pack rats. Occasionally a guest at High Camp may experience a “theft”, some small trinket goes missing and a stick or stone is left in its place. If you were to follow the trail to the culprit’s nest you may find such treasures hidden there:  bottle caps, pieces of tinfoil, paperclips, rubber bands, and candy wrappers. The little wood rat has made an exchange, his stick for your bottle cap. Such stolen items are incorporated into the wood rat’s stick and stone nest or crevice.
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Winter Season Opening »

Ron catching early season turns

This time of year High Camp weather is just impossible to predict and it has always been so. We never really know if High Camp will open with snow, although it usually does. We also never know how far we will be driving guests in and where the transfer point will be signifying mid mountain.
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