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Fall Season-HIGH CAMP IS OPEN! »

Hiking, Fishing, Wildflowers, Birding, Campfires, Marshmallows…..

Chiwaukum Fire Special – Labor Day Weekend

2 nights lodging plus transportation only $100 per person

Hi Everyone!

Scottish Lakes High Camp will be open Friday, August 29th for our Fall Season! It has been a long August dealing with the Chiwaukum Creek Fire and we are thrilled to put that episode in our rear view mirror! There is a limitation on hikes you can take from High Camp. WE MUST STAY ON THE NORTH SIDE OF MCCUE RIDGE! They made me promise. So, the lakes you can hike to are: Ethel, Julius, Eileen and Donald. Also, the High Meadows above Lake Donald are open.


High Camp Update »

Fall and Winter Calendar

For the current status of cabin availability please go to our Booking Calendar.  We are accepting reservations for this  Fall 2014 and Winter 2014-15. We book cabins one year in advance.

September 12 – 13 Fly Fishing Weekend with Ralph the fly fishing guru!

October 4 and 11 Hanging Garden Hike

October 6 Beat the Diner

Work Parties:

  • October 18, 19 – Wood cutting
  • October 25, 26 – Wood cutting

Family Rates Dramatically Extended

We are pleased to announce these dates when kids (up through age 17) stay free:

  • The entire months of August and September through the 30th.
  • December 5, 6, 2014 -January 2, 3, 2015 -February 20, 21, 2015 -March 6,7, 2015
  • All late winter dates beginning March 27, 2015 through April 25th


Fall Season begins August 1st and goes through October 11th

Winter Season begins November 26, 2014 and ends April 26, 2015


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Hats Off to a First Class Experience »

February 24th, 2014

Dear Chris,

Friday morning came, our day to leave, and we got a break in the snowfall, and blue sky opened up, and the sun put a smile on everything. After three days of continual snow, this break in the weather made it hard to leave.
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From the Seattle Times Outdoor Section »

December 29th, 2013

Thank you so much Seattle Times! We so appreciate the article in your Outdoors section, Sunday December 29th. Jeff Layton did a beautiful job with pictures and great content.

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Past Articles

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Scottish Lakes High Camp

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Find Yourself Above the Fray!

There's no place like Scottish Lakes High Camp.

Nestled against a high mountain ridge, our nine-cabin retreat provides a unique opportunity to recharge body and spirit. Pared down to the essential rustic comforts, High Camp allows you to pursue your favorite mountain activities, reconnect with friends and family, or reflect in an unparalleled natural setting.

Scottish Lakes High Camp.

Recharge, reconnect and refuel above the Fray!

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Chiwaukum Creek Fire »

Driving up the "P" Road. Picture taken through suburban window

Thursday, July 24 we took our second trip up to Scottish Lakes. The fire crew wanted us to move the snowmobiles and the  snow cat out into a clear cut so they could put a barrier around them for further protection. Kevin, who I had met on our first trip, showed us the upgrade they had made on the sprinkler system broadening the ability of the system to protect more of the High Camp area. We hiked up Sunset Trail and could see no effects of the fire. Then we hiked out along High Road and were awed by the massive fire break that was built to protect the area. It is a dirt road 6 blades wide! Don’t panic, it will be a wonderful ski route…probably called Fireline. We hiked to the edge of the fire which was still smoldering. The area around Telemark Basin, Big Jim Lookout, and Bonnie Brae is burned. Not a beautiful site at all, but it will come back. We were so lucky to only have this area burn. Now they are building a hand line up McCue Ridge probably loosely following Upper Sunset and continuing along the top of the ridge. This is to prevent the fire from slipping over McCue Ridge into the Scottish Lakes area. The next few weeks will decide when Scottish Lakes can open for business and the hot, dry weather plays a huge roll in this. Everything the fire crews do to protect High Camp and the area around it will be rehabilitated after the fire danger has passed. A trip to Scottish Lakes in the fall will be an learning event for any guest. You can see first hand the hard work our fire fighters do!

Monday, July 21  Thom, the incident manager for our area, escorted me up to Scottish Lakes to get an idea of the impact of the Chiwaukum Creek Fire. On the way up I noticed all the trees on the McCue Ridge side of the “S” road were limbed and the vegetation was cleared. The road had been watered. A lot of work had been done clear down to the gate to keep the fire from spreading down toward the Coulter Road residential area where I live. I was so thankful. They had also cleared and limbed around my house below the gate.
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High Camp Happenings

Fly Fishing Weekend September 12 – 13…Catch and Release Information »


As announced in the June Newsletter our Fly Fishing Weekend is in September. There is lots of information below. In addition here are some…

Tips for Successful Catch-and-Release:

  • Land fish as quickly as possible; avoid playing them to total exhaustion
  • Leave fish in the water while removing the hook.  Avoid bruising fish or rubbing off their protective “slime” coating.
  • Release fish only after they can maintain their equilibrium. If necessary, gently cradle the fish in the water until normal “breathing” resumes.
  • For the fish so deeply hooked that the hook cannot be released without drawing blood, cut the line and leave the hook behind; many hooks will eventually rust out.
  • In streams, release fish in quiet water.
  • Use single, barbless hooks. Barbless hooks are easy to make by squashing the barb with needle-nose pliers.

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Around the Woodstove

Fire Work Party-August 8. 9. 10 »

Water to the fire from Lake Julius

Many thanks to:  Max, Matt and Zeke along with Debbie and David, Shirley and Jim, Earl, Bob, David, Mike and Lyle for all their help this past weekend during our work party. The fire incident team gave us guarded permission to be up at High Camp for a few days to get the area into shape so we would be ready when we are able to open for business! I say guarded in that when they realized we had 14 people and 4 vehicles up there I think they might have wanted to change their minds! We were told to be ready to evacuate and would be expected to exit High Camp within an hour of the evacuation call. Last Wednesday, August 6th had turned out to be a bad day up there where the fire made run towards McCue Ridge. Friday the Haines index was 4 which increased the fire fighters anxiety a lot! Helicopters traversed back and forth above High Camp as they brought buckets of water from Lake Julius to the fire just over the ridge. We were sprayed with residual water from the buckets. The work was intense. Saturday and Sunday the fire calmed down a bit although we were working in smoke quite a bit.
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Fire History »

Chiwaukum Creek Fire

As we deal with the incredible Chiwaukum Creek Fire I think back on our history with Scottish Lakes and even Bill and Peg Stark’s history and I don’t believe we have ever been so deeply effected by fire in the 40 years Scottish Lakes High Camp has been in existence. I know in 1994 the back country was closed due to fire, but the fire itself was on the north side of Highway 2, not in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area. Chester Marler called me when this current fire began and said that area has not burned in his lifetime. Chester wrote the book East of the Divide: Travels Through the Eastern Slopes of the North Cascades 1870-1999 along with Mark Mackay and Dan O’Conner. Dan took the picture that you see with this article on July 28, 2014. Chester drives snowmobiles for us on Fridays in the winter and is incredibly knowledgeable about the history of the area.

Bill and Peg talked with us often about the history of Scottish Lakes. They never mentioned a forest fire. I know the ski run we have called Sideburn is on an old burn area, but I believe it is from 100 years ago. Every once in a while a fire truck will come up the road in August because they have seen hot tub smoke from the fire lookout on Nason Ridge. The only true fire that I can recall was in 1995. We worked up at Scottish Lakes that Labor Day weekend with a group of friends. There was a huge thunderstorm and lots of rain. Two weeks later a fire that had been smoldering from a lightening strike was put out along the MR road….very small with no damage. And that is it!

I often think that since I have been involved in Scottish Lakes for 20 years that I have seen just about everything happen. But then, I am proved wrong more often than I care to think about! In the back country we have very little control of our environment.