Thanksgiving Potluck

September 25th, 2012 in High Camp Happenings

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Why not join long time High Camp owners Don and Chris and discover the joy of spending Thanksgiving weekend in the backcountry? Late November at 5,000 feet is a great time to greet winter, as an almost-guaranteed blanket of early season snow means sledding, snowshoeing and limited ski touring. Maybe even more important than the early winter recreational opportunities, a Thanksgiving holiday retreat at High Camp is simply a great chance to disconnect from all the craziness of normal life for a few days.

Lodge Meal

The weekend offers an opportunity to spend some quality off-the-grid time relaxing with friends and family in a gorgeous high mountain setting. Dream a bit about quiet conversations in front of a flickering fire with gentle snow falling outside. Or perhaps you would rather just curl up with a good book or maybe get involved in a spirited board game. Now add to that vision the aroma of a fresh turkey baking in the lodge oven! How can you resist?

An organized Thanksgiving pot-luck is in the works for the Friday evening of Thanksgiving weekend. High Camp will provide the turkey, which should do just fine in our large Garland oven in the lodge. The good news is that the Garland also has six gas burners, meaning lots of room to cook numerous delectable side dishes. The plan is simple! Once it has been determined who wants to partake of this special Thanksgiving pot-luck, an email invitation will go out to sign up to bring everything we’ll need to enjoy a memorable meal together…….cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade rolls, wine, dressing, salads, pies…you get the picture!

Oh, one other thing to consider. Sorry, no football.