Washington Ski Touring Club

September 25th, 2012 in Yesterday

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We are forever beholden to the Washington Ski Touring Club.  Early on they would come to Scottish Lakes High Camp each December and April with a huge group taking High Camp over completely!  We were just getting established as a cross country ski destination.  Their presence brought us great business when we really needed it.  We also have many guests who come every year with their families or friends who started out coming to High Camp with the Washington Ski Club.

A perfect April ski destination

In December they would ski our trails in the deep powder conditions we experience at that time of year. Their favorite route was McCue Ridge. There were days that some people would take this half day tour twice! It was wonderful to hear their joyful screams as they came down Wild Bill Hill toward the lodge. We would make sure the hot tub was ready and the sauna was hot because they would ski hard all day planning to relax and enjoy High Camp amenities at night. On Saturday night there would be a big potluck in the lodge with great food, boxes of wine and lively conversation. Clusters of friends would chat, catching up and reconnecting. Enthusiastic sharing of stories about ski trips and adventures were fun to hear!

Destination: Baldy, the high point to the right

In April the Washington Ski Touring Club would look forward to skiing to the High Meadows. Conditions are perfect that time of year for a full day trip. The days are long, the weather is mellow and the ski conditions in the back country are stellar! The challenge would be: How many people can we get to the top of Baldy? This destination is a 7000 foot rise that is a great starting point for downhill turns for miles as you ski back to High Camp. Many years over twenty people would make it to the summit and come back to High Camp with massive smiles on their faces after a day of sun and ski turns.

Scottish Lakes High Camp shouts out a big THANK YOU! To the Washington SkiTouring Club for their support and friendship as we established ourselves as part of the ski community in Washington.