17th Annual Newfoundland New Years Celebration

November 27th, 2012 in Coming Soon

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Did you know that when it is 7:30 pm on the Pacific Coast, it is midnight in Newfoundland, Canada? This convenient piece of trivia works marvelously for our High Camp guests each December 31. Simply put, it allows anyone already worn out from a day of hardy mountain adventures to celebrate the New Year in style and still get to bed at a decent hour. For the 17th time since 1994, High Camp is pleased to announce it will bring down the curtain on the expiring calendar year with a rousing Newfoundland New Years party on New Year’s Eve!

The festivities begin around 6 pm in the lodge and build in a gradually increasing hubbub of noise and excitement up until the magic hour of 7:30 pm.   Bottles of champagne and sparkling cider, recently fetched from snow banks in front of the lodge, contribute much to the ambiance of the event.   Plates of delicious fancy hors d’oeuvres, supplied by guests,  likely substitute for dinner for most people. Conversations grow increasingly lively as the “midnight hour” grows near.  The enthusiastic countdown at 7:29 seems no different from what will transpire at 59 minutes past 11 pm in countless locations around the continent later that evening. And when it is all over…it is really only 7:31 pm! Time to retire to one’s cabin for a quiet evening,…or perhaps to take to the slopes located around High Camp for a bit of wild sledding beneath the glow of tiki torches.