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November 27th, 2012 in Around the Woodstove

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Our Thanksgiving Feast in the High Camp lodge is an event we will never forget.    When twenty-four people sat down around one large candlelit table, plates piled high with traditional Thanksgiving fare, it was indeed a very special moment in the history of High Camp.  New friendships and meaningful conversations greatly enlivened the experience.   It truly worked to conduct this meal on Friday evening, allowing us to use Thursday as a day to help transport many of our guests up the mountain

Finally got in that first ski of the season!  It was late on Thanksgiving afternoon when we set out up the High Country Trail in glorious early season powder conditions.  After a busy day of providing transportation for arriving guests, it was a blessing to get to experience the quiet serenity of winter for an hour or so.   Although we both missed being at our regular family Thanksgiving dinner this year, we both shared our own thoughts of thankfulness for being able to enjoy such a rewarding lifestyle.

Could it be that we are about to get new partners?   Stay tuned.  We are both optimistic and hopeful as the attempted sale may be heading for a successful conclusion. There is no doubt that a change in ownership will be a great boon not only for High Camp but also for us personally.  Cross your fingers!

Lots of logging is occurring this winter along the lower road.   The project is overseen by the land owner, Longview Timber.    The operation is creating some rather dramatic changes, with lots of new low elevation slopes now in evidence, along with ever expanding views across the valley and up to the higher peaks.     This is probably the tenth logging operation that has taken place on our road system since our arrival in 1994.   Much of the land behind the gate is owned by Longview Timber, who have been great people to work with since Day One!