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January 5th, 2013 in Around the Woodstove

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Since you asked department….Recreational snowmobiling is not permitted on any of the private land owned by Longview Timberlands. They normally do allow public access for certain activities that fall under the “soft footprint” category. High Camp does have  a special permit that allows us to use our snowmobiles on the road for guest and gear transportation only.

Latest logging update from Longview Timberlands…The snow finally got a little too deep to continue the operation so everyone pulled out in mid-January. The loggers will likely return sometime later this spring, well after the “spring thaw” which prevents heavy trucks from driving on the fragile roads.  We cannot say enough about how easy it has been to work cooperatively with the logging operation the past several months as we have all learned to share the road in a safe, efficient manner! 

What’s going on with the winter weather? It’s hard to say for sure, but it does seem like we are seeing more and more extremes each winter. “June-uary” was pretty crazy this year as high pressure and inversions kept snow out of the picture for over two straight weeks. Looking ahead, it appears we may be getting back to more normal Cascade weather patterns later this month. Stay tuned!

For the 14th consecutive year we have had the distinct privilege of hosting a wonderful group of families from Indianola and vicinity. Delicious group meals in the lodge, “serious” skis that see plenty of action for four days, and talented musicians who jam together each evening highlight their visit each year. This group of friends first began visiting High Camp in January, 2000, when the group numbered 21 adults, one of whom was pregnant. This year the numbers had grown to 22 adults and 23 children, with many of the kids now in their early teen years.  Late January would not be the same without their annual three-night visit, and the opportunity to enjoy their special brand of fellowship and watch all those great kids grow up! (and who can forget the snow margaritas?)