Thank God for the Cod!

January 5th, 2013 in Yesterday

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At High Camp we celebrate Newfoundland New Year every December 31st.   The Canadian province of Newfoundland is 4 1/2 hours ahead of Pacific time.   This means we get to toast the incoming New Year at 7:30 pm local time.   Playing hard all day in the snow takes its toll!   Many of us are not up for late night partying since we have skied all day.   So, it is a Newfoundland New Year’s Party each year on the last night of the year!

Everyone gathers in the lodge at 6:00 pm for fancy appetizers and bubbly beverages.   Everyone contributes and our guests always bring the best!   This year sliders topped the menu, plus mini-quiche, beautiful cheese trays, spinach dips and much more.   We ate, socialized and sipped champagne or sparkling cider amidst a rising cacaphony of lively conversation.   As 7:30 pm approached, the anticipation grew.  The final seconds featured a robust countdown and at 7:30 pm sharp we raised our glasses to welcome the New Year! 

Amanda, who was born in Newfoundland, has celebrated each of the last four New Year’s with us.   This year she offered a special toast to her birthpace as we rang in the New Year:

” My dear old Dad, rest his soul; every time he was asked to give a toast he would raise his glass and solemnly say…….”Thank God for the cod!…… To all that have gone before us and all that come behind, To all that have made us and to those with which we bind.   And to the Cod!!’ “