Jirka and Katka

February 5th, 2013 in Yesterday

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Well, Jirka found us and we have been so thankful that he did! We were working up at High Camp in the fall of 1999. Suddenly, a rickety old bike rolled into High Camp carrying a smiling young man. When we went to introduce ourselves we found he knew very little English! Even so, he parked the bike and rolled up his sleeves to help us as we worked at High Camp that day. We soon learned he lived next door to our house 8 1/2 miles below High Camp! Jirka was an exchange student from the Czech Republic, going to school at Cascade High in Leavenworth. He loved the mountains and the outdoor life! Our friendship is a match made in heaven! 

That winter Jirka drove snowmobile for us each Sundays. His English rapidly improved and we became close friends. The High Camp guests enjoyed his outgoing personality. Jirka’s European influence fit Scottish Lakes perfectly. As the school year ended and Jirka prepared to go home we talked of nothing else but his  to the U.S. or our visit to the Czech Republic.  We visited Jirka and his family in 2001. Jirka did  return and worked at High Camp for many years.His visits centered around his school calendar as he finished high  school and college. Each return brought so much joy to our lives.

And then one year Jirka came to work over the Christmas holiday and he brought Katka, his girlfriend. She was in total culture shock that first visit, but she shared Jirka’s love for the mountains and her personality charmed us all. The next Christmas they both came again. This time Katka took charge and ran the place like a pro. The positive energy from this delightful couple was infectious. From then on Katka joined Jirka on all his visits and they were a part of the High Camp family.

In the High Camp lodge in 2008 Jirka proposed to Katka! We were so happy for them. What rocked our world was when Jirka asked Don to be his best man at the wedding! We were driving at the time; they were in the back seat and we had to pull off the road to laugh, cry and celebrate their coming marriage and the incredible honor for Don of standing up with Jirka at his wedding. We traveled to the Czech Republic a second time for Katka and Jirka’s beautiful wedding in an old castle, a wonderful experience we will never forget.

Well now it is Katka, Jirka and Jakub.  Their little boy was born last May! Family is the focus for the Matulas. We dream of another visit to the Czech Republic and also their return wome time in the future to the United States.

One happy family!