The Process of Evolution

March 28th, 2013 in Around the Woodstove

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As some of you know, Royce Poetter and I became acquainted with Don and Chris and all of Scottish Lakes’ wonderfulness nearly three years ago when the Bainbridge Graduate Institute held its graduation party there. About 45 MBA graduates, friends and family celebrated our success with great food (catered by Rich and Brenda), snowshoeing, skiing and hiking. Oh,yeah and hot tubbing! After that, Royce and I participated in a woodcutting party and got to know Don and Chris a bit better. I wanted to put my newly minted MBA skills to work so I asked Chris and Don if they would be willing to have a conversation with me about business process improvements. They, of course, said yes. One of the more significant areas we have been working on the past couple of years is our social media presence. Businesses, such as Scottish Lakes, remain relevant and successful as long as they are ‘top of mind’ with their guests. I am sure you have noticed a higher frequency of articles, Facebook postings and maybe even a tweet or two.

One other thing you might have noticed this past ski season is a Survey Monkey questionnaire that accompanied your completed final invoice. For those of you that missed it, we asked questions about how you heard about Scottish Lakes, what you really like about it, features you might want to see in place on your next visit and so on. This information is valuable to us as we continue to improve the High Camp experience for our guests. In case you want to participate, we are continuing to solicit comments. Please go to and give us your feedback.

Some of the other things we have been thinking of over the past several months include how to become more of a year around destination. Many of our guests know us for our amazing skiing and miles of trails. But what about mountain biking? Could these trails also support this growing trend? Or maybe promoting fly-fishing in the beautiful mountain lakes? Secondly, how do we do a better job of attracting mid-week guests? We have been testing the waters with larger groups. For example, in just a couple of weeks Stevens Pass is having an end of the year celebration for their emplowees up at High Camp. Would other corporate or special interest groups consider having a midweek retreat if catering were included? Anyway these are just some of the things we have been pondering as we continue to evolve Scottish Lakes. And, as you can see, your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please email us at

Lisa Berntsen