April Family Month

April 23rd, 2013 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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I’m sipping freshly picked wild mint tea while watching the spring rains feeding the spring flowers. At 1200 feet in Leavenworth, it is rain.  At High Camp snow continues to accumulate. One weekend in April, High Camp received a foot of new snow!

April is family month at High Camp with children and teenagers staying for free. The kids woke to the delight of fresh snow filling the lodge area with plenty of activity. The sledding hill in front of Foxfire was slick, fast and filled with laughter and squeals. The innovative participants expanded the sledding area further up the hill and added a few bumps and jumps. Skiers beware as you ski down the road into the lodge area! Behind the lodge alongside Macs Express, blocks of snow are arranged to make forts for protection from incoming  snowballs. Keep a close eye out for errant snowballs as you start up Macs Express. About 4:30 the laughter and squeals moved from the sledding area to the hot tub.  The children were splashing with delight in the warm water along with their parents. The day’s fun, excitement, and longer daylight forced us to move back the potluck start time to 6:45, allowing all time to ready their dishes. Once again, the counter was overflowing with food. It was a beautiful sight.

The calendar turns to May bringing an end to the winter season at High Camp. Life at Scottish Lakes turns to removing the bamboo poles along McCue Ridge, spreading a thick layer of season ending wax across skis, starting maintenance on the snowmobiles and vehicles, and planning the summer work party.