Gratitude and Thanks

April 22nd, 2013 in Around the Woodstove

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While this may feel like a bit of an odd title considering all of the events that have occurred in the past several months, I felt it was appropriate and right to call out and acknowledge the High Camp community. So many people reached out to support Chris and the Scottish Lakes family as we worked through the emotional and operational issues with trying to process the untimely death of Don and run the business through the remainder of the busy ski season. Now, near the end of the ski season we can begin to process, assess and thank all the people who stepped up and contributed above and beyond what they ever thought would be expected of them.

First off, I am thankful and grateful for Chris who, in spite of her whole world being turned upside-down, has tried to keep a smile in place and run the business with the attitude of, “What would Don do?”

I also want to thank Matt M. When Royce and I coincidentally ran into Don and Chris, Matt and Celina at South, in Leavenworth, as they celebrated the 79th day or the half way point of the winter season Matt was already proving to be an outstanding member of the High Camp community and staff. In addition to his mechanic duties, he and the rest of the “transportation contingent”, George, Matt F. Chester, and Wylie, cheerfully brought guests up and down the mountain via the suburbans and snowmobiles. They kept High Camp running like a top.

And next a shout out to the hosts:  Zeke, Hobbes, Eric, Max, Rich, Jill, Maddy and Ralph. They are the physical presence of Scottish Lakes up on the mountain, these guys and gals smilingly respond to guests needs at all hours of the day and night. Did you know that the hosts start the fire for your afternoon hot tub at 11am? Every hour they remember to stoke the fire to make it perfect for you at 4pm. Many of the hosts had close personal relationships with Don and yet had to perform their jobs to High Camp standards while their hearts were breaking.

Next, we are grateful for Jaimie and Jill who fortuitously were up at High Camp when the search was required. Their calm and measured experienced approach to the situation made the search run smoothly.

Finally, I have to mention Royce Poetter whose heart is as big as the world. He stepped up to help Chris in the office on nearly a daily basis. He uprooted himself to go to Leavenworth to support the operation. He has been doing his “paid” job during the morning and mid-day and then he hustles up to Kokomo to work with Chris in the afternoons.

There are many others that have gone physically and emotionally beyond the call of duty to keep the beautiful world we know of as Scottish Lakes High Camp running smoothly these past couple months. Thank you all!