The Ski Show

April 24th, 2013 in Yesterday

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In 1994 when we became owners of High Camp we knew we needed to work on getting the word out. We had about 350 skier nights that first year, which is per person per night, so not many people knew about Scottish Lakes. Our good friend Lance Young also ran a small adventure tour business in the Seattle area called the Outing Club. We teamed up and bought a booth at the only ski venue happening at the time, which was The Ski Show. Early on it was held at the Seattle Center and later at the Convention Center downtown. Lance knew a lot of people in the industry and got us a good deal on a booth in a dark, back corner. We brought in our own table, tablecloth, vase of flowers, candy in a bowl, brochures, maps and pictures. We would drag all our stuff in the first morning of the three day event and set up our little rustic booth. At the same time major ski areas had massive booths with expandable display boards, videos and carpet on the floor. There were slick set  ups for major ski and clothing manufacturers in the business. And then there we were…the granola approach! The only back country people in a lift focused ski world. We had great fun!

Many people who still come to High Camp met us at the Ski Show. When they came to our booth it was great because they were looking for back country skiing and we were pretty much the only ones at the Ski Show focused on that type of recreation. We shared stories, poured over maps and talked about great places to ski. The back country skiing at Scottish Lakes High Camp is still totally awesome from the 1/2 day tour of McCue Ridge to the full day trek into the High Meadows. Great snow, beautiful mountain scenery and fun filled adventures are still the calling card for High Camp. There is truly no better way to immerse yourself in the outdoors in the back country than visiting Scottish Lakes High Camp.