1964 Thiokol

May 30th, 2013 in Yesterday

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The first High Camp snocat was a 1964 Thiokol.  That fall of 1994 when we purchased Scottish Lakes it was abandoned about one mile below High Camp totally infested with mice.  A quick jump start got it running!  We cleaned it out and tried not to rely on it too much.  The cab has a driver seat and a passenger seat with the motor in between….pretty noisy!  Behind these seats is a bench seat for additional passengers.  Capacity about 5 or 6.  There is an open flatbed in the back for gear.  We would tie it on with a rope and tarp it. The whole thing sits on two tracks with metal cleats. I talk about it in the present tense because the old Thiokol is still in the neighborhood!  Matt our miracle mechanic is tuning it up in the next few weeks.  Any collectors out there?

I remember one time when our good friends were visiting High Camp.  They needed to head out and our snowmobile suddenly would not start.  The old Thiokol was buried deep down under about 5 feet of snow since we hadn’t been using it.  We dug it out and it started right up.  We drove that thing straight up out of the hole, loaded up our friends and they had a bumpy, noisy ride down the mountain!  The old snocat saved the day.