Don’s High Road

May 23rd, 2013 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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Don Hanson was a glass half full kind of a guy! He overflowed with positive energy. Since High Road was always one of his favorite trails it felt good to name it after him. It felt even better to call it Don’s High Road since that was definitely his approach to life. There is a new sign at High Camp routed by our good friend Paul Fraser.  The sign is posted at the top of Wild Bill Hill.  More signs will follow replacing all the High Road signs with Don’s High Road to honor Don’s favorite trail and his big mountain spirit.

To ski Don’s High Road you can access the start via Low Road and Sunset Meadow.  You can also tack it onto the end of the McCue Ridge tour as we did recently.  What a glorious ski clear down McCue Ridge.  You ski down along the top of the ridge as it drops with big views of the Cascades to the north.  Big Jim Viewpoint is a highlight along with Lover’s Lookout, the sight of a recent High Camp wedding.  The ski drops down to Bail Out or you can continue down Calypso to Windy Corner along the snowmobile track to High Camp.  The snow stays nice in the lee of the ridge when other more exposed areas have iced up.

For fall hiking you can climb half way up Sunset Trail and turn toward Echo Point.  Continue on to the turn off to Big Jim Viewpoint climbing up the ridge.  The trail takes you through Forest Bump, where the trees have awesome shapes.  It meets the Sunset Trail again just below Sunset Meadow.  You can climb up to the meadow or just take the Sunset Trail down to High Camp.  A very nice short loop!