June 20th, 2013 in Around the Woodstove

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This past weekend the Bainbridge Graduate Institute had their third annual graduation trip up at Scottish Lakes. While we were there I reflected on the different types of breathing that we experienced over the weekend. Upon arrival at the parking lot there were exclamations of “We made it!” tied to excited happy stretching and exhalations. The trip up the 8 mile road in the sturdy Suburbans resulted in “interrupted” breathing as we jostled over bumps and ruts in the road. When we finally arrived, everyone participated in deep breathing of the pure mountain air. No one could get enough of the pine scent accented by un-named flowers and shrubs. Later that night, breathing was again stunted by the joyful laughing of the graduates and friends.

The next morning at least one guest participated in deep meditative breathing – seemingly so much easier up here away from the pulls of society. Our hike to Loch Eileen (past Lake Julius) allowed us to experience “pressure breathing”. We were moving quickly, at the 5000ish elevation of High Camp, and the time-honored mountaineering technique was taught to guests. As the breathing patterns changed to the deep rhythmic belly breaths the group further relaxed and enjoyed the scenery even more. Later, back at High Camp a bit of yoga breathing was observed. I imagine this was easier here too.

The last day’s breathing patterns were coupled with exasperated queries of why didn’t we choose to stay another night? Great question… stay tuned for upcoming specials that include discounts for longer visits.