Lake Chiwaukum

June 22nd, 2013 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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This is the first in a series of articles about the lakes you can hike to from Scottish Lakes High Camp. Lake Chiwaukum, elevation 5210 feet,  is not the closest lake to High Camp but it is the largest lake within walking distance. There are nice campsites  if you are backpacking out of High Camp.  The forest service will not allow us to provide transportation to the backcountry.  A one night stay either at the start of your backpack or at the end will allow us to provide transportation for your trip. 

There are many routes out of High Camp that will get you to Lake Chiwaukum which is a 6 mile round trip hike. One route is  Jirka’s trail out of camp to Ridgetop trail.  You will meet the regular forest service trail between Lake Julius and Chiwaukum as you hike up Ridgetop.  Stay on that well established trail as it climbs to the top of McCue Ridge, elevation 5750 feet,  then drops down to the lake.  As you approach Chiwaukum you will see the beautiful blue waters of the lake long before you get there.

The fishing is good at this lake. It is challenging to walk around the lake, but it can be done!  No trail though.  Tucked behind Chiwaukum just across the outlet is Honour Lake.  A steep scramble up the hill to the southeast will take you to  Jason Lakes where the fishing is said to be epic!  Continuing along the forest service trail from Chiwaukum you can climb to Ewing Basin and Larch Lake which will be another lake featured in our lake series.

by Chris