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June 24th, 2013 in Yesterday

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Paul Fraser worked for us beginning in 1995.  We realized the challenges of Scottish Lakes during its early, extremely rustic years were better served with a team effort!  When I let Paul know that I wanted to feature him in the newsletter he sent me a few anecdotes.  We smile now…but at the time the learning curve was straight up with stress levels pretty high.  The following tidbits are mostly direct quotes.

  • I got a 50% pay raise when Bryce flipped his snowmobile and I ran over him with the Tucker snocat. I had worked at High Camp just a few weeks. Don paid $400 in roaming charges trying to tell me how to run the place.
  • I used a snowmobile to get from High Camp to the Tucker snocat 8 miles below at Highway 2 to plug it in and heat the block so it would run. The timing depended on how cold it was. If it was colder, we plugged it in earlier. I did jumping jacks and ran laps for an hour or more while the block heater did its work. One time I got down there so late at night that it was pointless to head to the cabin to sleep, so I slept in the back of the Tucker.
  • Almost every time we had guests in Lupine and the old Larkspur the cabin would fill up with smoke and I would have to go over and act like I could fix the problem. I would just mess around with the chimney and spark arrester until it started to draw well enough to work.
  • Bryce and I played rummy every night and kept score on an adding machine tape. He was beating me by over 1000 points.
  • One of our favorite quotes was when a little kid that had just put snow in his cocoa said, “My cocoa tastes like gas!” He had gotten his snow from where we filled and apparently spilled kerosene.
  • I did a lot of great skiing and snowboarding. Dominic was my main partner on exploration trips. Dominic and I named the run next to Heartstopper High School Keg Party because when we skied it we got a lift to the hairpin with a bunch of high school kids that were friends of a certain employee that were going up there to party. We wanted a lift, but we wanted no part of whatever was to follow. Don never did put that name onto the trail map.
  •  I worked with a lot of great people. I always looked forward to the weekends when Chris and Don came over. Don’s enthusiasm and appreciation always was infectious no matter how much everything else sucked.

By Chris