Adding Fall Season

July 30th, 2013 in Yesterday

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Those of you who have been coming to Scottish Lakes High Camp since it started in the late 70s know that it was best known for winter season.  Great skiing and good snow with the sunnier weather of the east side of the Cascades.  Bill and Peg Stark, the original owners of High Camp, put Scottish Lakes on the map for back country skiing.  So, why do have a fall season now?  Well, we did not think it would work at the time, but we needed the money!  The millenium was upon us and we were totally booked for New Year’s Eve.  We needed more space in the lodge to bring in the year 2000!  So we decided to double the space in the day lodge and it proved to be an expensive venture.  One crazy idea was to open up during the fall to add some money to the coffers…if possible.  We were not really believers since Don and I were backpackers and could not imagine staying in a cabin in the back country.  But we were so wrong!!!  There were  many good reasons for people to come to Scottish Lakes in the fall:

  1. Easier access to the high country
  2. Great way to introduce kids to the out of doors
  3. As you get older it is more comfortable
  4. If you just have a weekend you can do a lot at a high elevation in a short period of time
  5. As it cools down later in the fall the cabins are cozy
  6. You can scope out the back country during the fall in preparation for the ski season
  7. You can introduce new comers to the back country, also bring guests up who would never have that kind of experience in their lives.
  8. It is fun to wind down with a bunch of friends of various back country skills and abilities. Everyone will be happy!
  9. Visiting one area during a variety of seasons is really interesting!
  10. Maybe you would like to focus on fishing rather than putting miles in your hiking log.

Whatever your thinking fall is a wonderful time to visit Scottish Lakes.  And we did make a little revenue that first fall to pay for our beautiful new lodge addition!