Lake Julius

July 22nd, 2013 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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The closest lake to High Camp is Lake Julius.  It is the lowest in elevation of the Scottish Lakes at 5190 feet.  There are various trails to take to get there, all rolling a little up and a little down since the lake is just about 200 feet higher than High Camp.  The round trip hike is about 5 miles.  You can take the logging road out of camp and walk it to the end, which is Picnic Point.  Then you pick up the forest service trail which drops to cross Roaring Creek then climbs to the lake.  This route is nice if there is a group hiking together since you are able to walk side by side.  The views into Scottish Lakes basin from this road are fabulous!  This view was the backdrop for my son Erik’s wedding…a beautiful spot along the way.  This is also a nice route to take back to High Camp since it is direct and easy to follow if you are weary.  Trail access to Lake Julius can be had by taking Jirka’s trail to Ridgetop trail turning down towards Lake Julius when you meet the forest service trail.  Another route takes you up Mac’s Express to Low Road traversing over to Ridgetop then down to the forest service trail to the Lake.  These trails make their way through deep towering forests, a nice shady hike on a hot day.

Our first trip to Lake Julius was Labor Day Weekend 1994.  Don and I had met Bill and Peg Stark at High Camp to check it out when we were considering purchasing the business.  We backpacked out of High Camp after the tour,; we were happy and excited about the prospects of owning and operating Scottish Lakes.  We started late in the day, so Lake Julius became our destination.  We camped at the inlet end of the lake.  After dinner the rain moved in and we crawled into our tent.  The storm hit harder and harder with water rushing downhill and through our tents; one of those massive rainstorms in the mountains where nothing stays dry.  As the evening wore on and we became soaked to the skin our decision was made!  We packed up and hiked back to High Camp, arriving at dark.  We built a fire in Columbine cabin, hanging our tent from the rafters to dry.  We were thankful to be close to shelter and happy to get in out of the torrential rain.