Children at Scottish Lakes

August 27th, 2013 in Yesterday

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Peg Stark loves kids! That resonates with High Camp yesterday and today. When we had a youth group in Leavenworth for eleven years, those kids remembered spending time with Peg. We have focused on making the experience at Scottish Lakes as kid friendly as possible. Families with young children can come and spend time in the back country while staying in a cabin. This makes it easier for many parents to introduce kids to the wilderness. Scottish Lakes has books, games and art supplies in the lodge if the weather is not cooperating or the kids are weary. There are toys and sleds to use in the High Camp area. An outdoor campfire circle gives kids that wonderful experience of sitting around a fire outdoors in the evening singing, talking and even making s’mores!

Many children have grown up with the High Camp experience coming every year, fall or winter season or both. Eric, Heidi, Sophie and Maddy are all kids who came to Scottish Lakes growing up and stayed on to become valued staff members. They consider High Camp their home away from home.

There are many hiking choices to meet the needs of families with kids of all ages.  Lakes for fishing, ridges to explore, meadows to stroll through, flowers to identify, birds to listen for, and wildlife to experience either by a quick glimpse or tracks along the trail.

The Scottish Lakes experience for kids is a stretch for some. There are lofts!  wood stoves! outhouses! no running water! Kids adapt and learn to love this simple life.  Families have time to enjoy each other’s company, play games, sing around the fire and just be together. Parents plan great meals, pack extra clothes, go through lists so as not to forget essential items, bring favorite games, load the car, drive everyone over and it is all worth it! These are memories that last a lifetime.  And…maybe your child will join the High Camp staff for a while as they move into adulthood and find their way.