Fly Fishing a High Camp Tradition

September 30th, 2013 in Around the Woodstove

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Fly fishing has always been a big draw to Scottish Lakes in the fall for adults and children alike!  You need to have a current fishing license and of course gear.  The lakes have some brush around them that makes traditional fly fishing challenging unless you have a raft.  Many use flies and a bubble or spinners successfully.  There are 8 different fishing lakes within hiking distance of Scottish Lakes:  Larch, Honour, Jason Lakes, Chiwaukum, Donald, Eileen, Julius and Ethel. The mysterious Jason Lakes are probably the most challenging lakes to get to…but also the most rewarding with solitude and fishing success.

true fly fishing!

Each year we have a fly fishing clinic during September at High Camp.  In the past Gerry Erickson was our fishing guru.  Over the last few years Ralph Byther as run the clinic.  Ralph does a wonderful job with both kids and adults!  Here are pictures Ralph took this year during the Fly Fishing Weekend this September.