The New Clear Cut

September 27th, 2013 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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Well we don’t have a name for it yet…and we don’t have a picture with snow on it when they aren’t logging since 2013-2014 will be our first winter with a full season of snow on the new clear cut. Many of us could see the potential as we drove up way above our normal mid mountain point all last winter to connect with the snowmobiles coming down from High Camp. You can take off along the road just before Last Chance and ski down clear to the intersection of what we call the MR Road and the P Road.  It is big and broad with some stands of trees to take a few tight turns through.  It will be a fun exit from High Camp on your way to meet the suburbans or if you have that great opportunity to ski clear down to the parking lot. 

This was one of the last ski runs I made with Don. We started at Sunset Meadow, skied down Staircase to Cowabunga and Shangrila.  Then we skied down Telemark Forest and through the trees skiers left of Short Cut. Taking the snowmobile road a little ways we dropped off after Midway but before Last Chance and skied down through this new run.  We had to weight the backs of our skies to keep the tips up, since this lower area had been recently logged and did not have a full winter of snow on it.  You could feel it, the potential was there for a wonderful run down the mountain.  Nothing but JOY!