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October 28th, 2013 in Yesterday

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My first visit to High Camp was being towed behind a snowmobile in the middle of the night in a snowstorm. Glen, who was Bill and Peg Stark’s camp host, had to talk me into going so he could have a ski partner. Not being very proficient on tele skis with low cut leather boots, he was very tolerant and I was hooked. Then, I became acquainted with Bill and Peg and the Scottish Lakes area.

In 1991 I became the last of the Stark’s yahoos as he called his staff. I worked as camp host from 1991-1993, when they decided to close the camp down that fall. I thought that working for Bill and Peg would be a dream job for a ski bum like me. A dream come true! Little did I realize that the future held far more work than skiing.

There are more happy memories than anything, even with all the work that one person could do. So much work that sometimes it was overwhelming. The camp was pretty primitive with dangerous wood stoves, plastic film for windows and mice running rampant. Never enough firewood! Boy did I have a blast.

Spring skiing, chasing corn snow and moonlight nights in Telemark Basin are some of the many fond memories that I cherish from the time spent in High Camp. There really were no bad memories. Well there was one time that I skied up from the highway in wet snow. Snow sticking to my bases and having to knock it off with my ski poles every few strides. That was a long 8 miles.

I felt honored when Don asked if I would come up and help on their first weekend. Seeing what Don and Chris have achieved in the years since, I have no doubt that camp is in good hands for many years to come.