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October 24th, 2013 in Around the Woodstove

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What a pleasure it was a few weeks ago when I visited Cascade Designs to replace some of our snow shoes that were damaged beyond repair. We are getting ready for the winter season and always have about 10 pair of snowshoes for guests to borrow when they visit Scottish Lakes. We have purchased MSR snow shoes in the past and they have lasted many years beyond the expectations.  So, when we went to begin to replenish our supply we chose MSR snow shoes again.

Here is the cool thing:

MSR Eco Snow Shoe

The CEO of Cascade Designs is a Friend of High Camp!  Joe has brought his family to Scottish Lakes for many years.  So, when I emailed him and inquired about the process for getting some new snow shoes he was happy to help! Cascade Designs makes MSR snow shoes. Since I was in Seattle anyway I went down to Cascade Designs to take care of our snow shoe order.  They were easy and fun to work with.  After I took care of business Joe took me on a tour of the manufacturing warehouse of Cascade Design!  It was so interesting to see how the many different types of outdoor gear they manufacture is made. Basically they don’t have a huge warehouse of gear.  Unless it is the beginning of a season, they are building gear on demand based on orders. Their employees are able to work on many different products which gives them a lot of flexibility.

After my tour Joe and I chatted over coffee….well he had tea (a true Irishman). I had such a wonderful visit! The snow shoes have been delivered and we are ready for winter!