Deadhorse Pass in a Wintery October

October 23rd, 2013 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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Well, we did not get to do our annual Beat the Diner hike over Deadhorse Pass this year due to huge snowfall! As I posted earlier we snow shoed to Larch Lake instead and feasted on vistas of beautiful Larch trees in the deep snow. An awesome sight! My friend Kelly hiked to Deadhorse Pass this past weekend.  The snow was still there and as you can see the view was phenomenal! For the annual Deadhorse Pass High Camp hike we start at Scottish Lakes, hike to Larch Lake, continue on to Cup Lake then head up to the pass.  We then drop down to catch the Wildhorse Trail hiking it until it meets the White Pine trail exiting at the White Pine Trailhead. This is a 14 mile hike and scramble with about 3 miles “off trail”. Kelly went backwards and in the deep snow.  It was quite a trip!

Meeting us in the parking lot Friday morning he sent his mountain bike up to High Camp to be stashed for his exit. He then drove to the White Pine Trailhead and set off up the trail.  This approach begins at a much lower elevation than High Camp! He climbed up the White Pine, turning onto the Wildhorse trail and continued climbing until he passed the creek as it crosses the trail high up.  He then just turned right off the trail and headed toward the pass.  A half mile above the trail he set up camp for the night.

woodsmoke, full moon, bourbon and miles to go

The next morning he climbed to the pass up steep scree slopes, taking the photo that opens this article. He camped at Larch Lake that night then hiked into High Camp.  But!  His trip was not over.  Kelly hopped onto his mountain bike and road down to Highway 2, then up the highway to the White Pine Road and up the road to his car.  This mountain bike trip itself was 20 miles….12 up hill. Quite the experience!