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November 20th, 2013 in High Camp Happenings

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As the snow begins to fly there is a flurry of activity at High Camp as we prepare for the 2013-2014 season. We already have snow in the high country, which really gets us excited for winter. Our staff is working hard to make sure Scottish Lakes is running smoothly as we open our season. Saint Matt, our mechanic, and his sidekick Prince George are focusing on our transportation system:  suburbans, snowmobiles, piston bully and the road.

  • Lubed, oiled and cleaned out the suburbans. Purchased new bulletproof chains. Took care of repairs.
  • Fired up the snowmobiles, checked the hitches and repaired the cargo sleds.
  • Fired up the Piston Bully snowcat and changed the hydraulic fluid.
  • Set up mid mountain with our gas truck and supplies
  • Set the track for the snowmobiles
  • Took care of major repairs for both our 4 stroke snowmobiles
  • Found us a new old snowmobile to add to our fleet

Matt and George are both strong assets to our staff!  They work hard and do a great job.  But!  the best part is they always have a big smile on their faces.