Velvet Revolution

November 18th, 2013 in Around the Woodstove

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Just got back from visiting Jirka Matula and his wife Katka in the Czech Republic. Jirka was an exchange student at Cascade High School in Leavenworth in 1999-2000. We befriended him then and have been close friends ever since. Jirka has come back to the United States many times to visit and work at High Camp. First he traveled back alone, later bringing Katka. I have now made four trips to the Czech Republic to visit Katka, Jirka and their families.

The exciting thing about this trip was meeting their son Kubik who is 18 months old. Kubik is a delight and was great fun to have along as we visited and toured the countryside. Both Katka and Jirka talked about how different Kubik’s babyhood is from their own. They were born during the communist era, behind the iron curtain. They spoke of their grandma’s waiting long lines to purchase fresh fruit for them when they were toddlers. Jirka remembers 1989 sitting on his father’s shoulders in Wenceslas Square celebrating the Velvet Revolution, when the communists were overthrown. People are still cautious and careful with others remembering those hard times.