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December 29th, 2013 in Yesterday

Past Articles

When we bought High Camp from Bill and Peg Stark we received the “data base” which was a recipe file with one card for each customer.  There were about 300 names in the file.  We created our first brochure and printed it out, then hand addressed them to send out to our customer base.  We were excited to get to know the High Camp community and let them know about us.

Well we finally created our data base on the computer which made mailings a lot easier because we could run labels!  We were on the cutting edge…for us anyway.  We still hand wrote our invoices on forms that we created.  Soon we changed that form to a template on the computer and were able to generate invoices on the computer…but just word process, no computations.

The big change for us came when we got QuickBooks. I remember we purchased it and put in the data base of customer names, but it took us forever to really use the entire program!  The learning curve was straight up. I even took classes….QuickBooks for Dumbies I think was the title. We now have a customer data base of 3300 names!  We can even look back to see how many times guests have visited High Camp. We don’t mail out brochures any longer. Between the newsletters and our website, plus Facebook marketing has gotten a lot easier. It has taken so long to figure everything out, but I am sure glad that we did! Since I am the office lady 🙂