December 27th, 2013 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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Tranquility Trail is one of our original High Camp trails and one of our easiest. You approach this beautiful trail from Roundabout; so ski up High Road and catch Roundabout above High Camp or ski down the snowmobile route about 1/4 mile and pick up Roundabout there. Tranquility follows an old logging route traversing north below Easy Rider. As the old road peters out Tranquility turns and drops down through the trees. This is a fun gentle downhill run. At the bottom you pick up another old logging route and begin a traverse to the southeast with big views of Nason Ridge and the North Cascades.As you pick up this lower road glance down into the valley to the north where Roaring Creek flows.  These slopes are more difficult, but often have the best snow due to the exposure. This is a High Camp secret!

Skiing along this long traverse is a wonderful chance to stretch out, working that basic cross country stride feeling the wind in your hair and a smile on your face. The route takes you below Telemark Forest and above Big Rock Bowl.  These are two of our more difficult slopes. Tranquility ends as it meets the snowmobile route just above Short Cut.  From here you ski about a mile up to High Camp on the snowmobile track. The views, the forest and the opportunity to ski a smooth traverse truly getting into the rhythm of the motion make Tranquility live up to its name.