Days of New Year’s Past

January 21st, 2014 in Yesterday

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This January I reflected so much on past New Year’s at Scottish Lakes.  Of course the big one was during the millennium; everyone knew that High Camp was the only safe place to be! The party started at 9pm and we had segments of music that Don had recorded from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, all uplifting sing-a-long dance music.  That really got the party going. We had just completed the new addition to the lodge. We served appetizers, champagne and sparkling cider in the old part of the lodge.  The new “wing” was reserved for DANCING!  At midnight we all went outside and watched as Dominique and Ryan skied down Wild Bill Hill with torches then lit a huge bonfire outside near the lodge.  Of course the bonfire did not easily light and we had to mess with it, but all in all it was a great success. A very late night.

Generally New Year’s at Scottish Lakes is not a late night. We celebrate Newfoundland New Year’s which puts the countdown to midnight ending at 7:30 pm which is midnight in Newfoundland. This works out great for our guests who ski like crazy during the day and are pretty worn out as the evening progresses. We start the party at 6 pm with appetizers, champagne and sparkling cider…and music. The countdown starts just before 7:30. We celebrate and then guests wander back to their cabin to sleep, continue the celebration or go sledding in the dark. It works for everyone!

Of course my personal best memories come from the exit ski Don and I made after the party. Most New Year’s Eve nights Don and I skied down from High Camp to our home near the parking lot. The whole trip is 8 1/2 miles with a drop of almost 3000 feet. To ski it in the dark and the cold is a great feeling! It was always a beautiful ski no matter if it was snowing hard or completely clear with stars overhead. One year there was a huge bright full moon and we did not need headlamps! Another year the ski marked the 6 week healing point after Don’s prostate surgery. He was exhausted but so happy to be healthy again. Those powerfully gorgeous late night skis are etched in my memory forever.