Lark Trail

February 3rd, 2014 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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Lark is a beautiful rolling trail you can take out of High Camp that runs parallel above the snowmobile exit route. This is a wonderful alternative to skiing the road out of High Camp. It will take you longer to get to Windy Corner if you take this intermediate ski route, but it has beautiful views plus quiet skiing through the forest. If you were heading to mid mountain on your way down to the parking lot this trail would be about 1/3 of your route and the rest of the ski would be down the snowmobile trail from Windy Corner to mid mountain.

The trail leaves High Camp at the base of the stairs of Bluebell cabin and comes out on the snowmobile route at Windy Corner. It traverses across the Cowabunga and Shangri-La slopes then drops down to cross Peg’s Promenade.  At this point the route plunges into the trees and you ski along through a 20 year old “clear cut” of lovely young growth.  As you near Windy Corner there is a slope that drops down, giving you the opportunity to try a few turns before you hit the snowmobile route.

Now if you are on your way home head down. If you are going back to Scottish Lakes turn up the road to High Camp. This is a great opportunity for a final work out as you head up the home stretch to relax by the woodstove, take a dip in the sauna or soak in the hot tub.