Never Perfect, Always a Way

February 26th, 2014 in Yesterday

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Well that is the new motto of Scottish Lakes High Camp, but the spirit of the message has always been with us! Over the past 2 weeks as the snow never stopped I was reminded of the many deep snow issues we have had at High Camp over the years. This last storm was different!  It started dumping snow day in and day out.  There was no stopping…no chance to catch up.  We probably got 6 feet of snow over that time.  The snow depth at High Camp is close to 9 feet!  Like old times:) Our most challenging day for this most recent storm was Monday February 17th. It snowed so hard and long we lost control of our entire transportation system. We were getting as much snow down at the parking lot as we got up at the camp! When I got the call Monday morning that the road grader could not make it to mid mountain my heart just stopped!  We were momentarily cut off from High Camp!  But due to championship snowmobiling Rich and Zeke were able to snowmobile 6 miles down to connect with us. There we established a new, temporary mid mountain. We were a little late on the schedule but everyone got out in a timely manner.  It took 2 back hoes 2 days to open the road back up again and it was not until Thursday of that week that we could drive up to the regular mid mountain for transportation.

See the High Camp VIDEO “Too Much Snow!”

Memories of past dumps:

  • The parking lot was so full of snow one year that it completely covered the cars!  You could barely tell there were cars in the lot…it was just a big pen filled with about 6 feet of snow!
  • There was the time we were plowing Highway 2 with our little snowcat… just trying to make headway to get cars out of the parking lot.
  • There was the time we could not get snowmobiles out of High Camp but we could ski and snowshoe down. So, we evacuated down to mid mountain in a huge group.  We left the gear at camp. Guests just carried their essentials and car keys.  The guests got to the parking lot and drove home. We opened up the route and brought the gear down a few days later. Then we drove it over the pass to Seattle and dropped it off at the guests houses.
  • And of course there was that other time when the dump was so huge guests just spent another night up at camp. This time it was a families with kids. They had a ball!  We sent up provisions:  peanut butter, bread, jelly, tequila and margarita mix. Well…that is what they asked for!

During all these epic storm situations our staff have been remarkable!  Our guests have been positive and supportive. And it was never perfect, but there always was a way!