Skiing to the Parking Lot

February 25th, 2014 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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Well this is the year for skiing to the parking lot. I have been able to ski down a couple of times.  It is such a fun way to exit from Scottish Lakes!  You just make sure the staff has a key for your car and that you have tagged your gear and this key with the same colored ribbon. You leave instructions about the idiosyncrasies of your vehicle and where you want the key to be left and you are good to go. The staff takes your gear down and locks it in your car. And you get to ski all the way down from High Camp. If you take the road all the way it is 8 1/2 miles with a drop of nearly 3000 feet.

Of course you do not have to take the road all the way.  Hearty skiers will want to take Telemark Forest and Big Rock Bowl or traverse over to Bob’s Knob then drop down to the road. You can ski up a short distance and take Last Chance or even go up a little further and drop off through Midway.  These routes take you down to the road just above mid mountain.

Intermediate skiers might want to give themselves extra time and head up to Don’s High Road then drop down Calypso catching the snowmobile road at Windy Corner, then continuing down.

Heading down the road from High Camp you can also cut off Windy Corner by taking Shortcut which has a nice slope and great snow.

Past mid mountain on your way down you come to the adverse, which is uphill for about 3/4 mile. This feels pretty good as you use some different muscles. It slows you down a bit and gives you a chance to enjoy the route and the company you are with. You can then zip down the S road which is quite a drop. The new logging clear cuts along the way offer some nice little cut off points to catch the road below.

Next time you are at Scottish Lakes check with the staff to find out if conditions are right for you to ski all the way to the parking lot. You will love it!