Eric’s Spring Skiing Report

March 28th, 2014 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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Spring is here at high camp but there is plenty of winter left. This is a time of year that can bring wild swings of weather. T-shirt skiing weather can quickly turn to full blown blizzard skiing in just the course of a day. Skiers must sometimes choose whether to ski spring corn or powder. Last year I faced this exact dilemma high on the slopes of mcwaucum. Should we ski powder down the north face or traverse to the smooth corn on the east facing slopes of mt Baldy? The choice was easy: both, of course!

Spring at High Camp?

Which season is it?

This past week a group of friends and I skied the treed ridges off of Tamarack.  For three straight days a strong storm blew over from the west depositing snow, in spots, up to half a meter deep. Every day after getting our fill of powder laps we would ski back towards camp, popping out of the storm somewhere around lake Julius. We would enjoy a delightful combination of sun with light snowfall blown over by the clouds now behind us. It was a fitting way to spend the equinox with part of the day spent in decidedly winter weather and part in springlike sun.

Spring at High Camp

The weather can’t decide!

This phenomenon is relatively common at High Camp especially this time of year. ¬†Clouds will hang over the crest of the mountains but dissipate before reaching camp. The result is fresh snow falling gently out of the blue sky. It’s a beautiful thing.