Sauna Woodstove Needed!

March 28th, 2014 in Yesterday

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We are not proud! We have never paid full price for our woodstoves. They are usually donated or we pay a garage sale price for them. I guess many people have woodstoves laying around that they are not using. This has to be true since every wood stove at High Camp has been replaced at least once in the 20 years. When we first purchased Scottish Lakes the stoves were dangerous! They looked like big tin cans and you put wood in from the top. They heated up fast, glowed red hot and then cooled down fast. They had an insatiable appetite for wood and could not really be damped down to hold heat for any period of time. Our woodstoves now are much better…although we realize they are not perfect. We upgrade when we can and replace when we must.

And! We must replace the woodstove in the sauna building. The inside metal lining walls are cracked and bowed. We researched replacing parts but could not find what we needed, so we are looking for a small stove that would fit that space. Check out the picture associated with this article…that is the stove we need to replace. email┬áme at or give me a call at 509-763-3044. We will happily pick up the right stove!

The sauna is one of our most beloved amenities! We will make sure over the summer that we replace this stove and keep it running well. There is truly nothing like sitting in the sauna on a cold winter night after a hard day of skiing!