Spring Skiing

March 20th, 2014 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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The long sunny days of Spring are finally here!  More stable snow conditions, long daylight hours and more moderate weather make backcountry skiing at Scottish Lakes a must during this season. There are such great destinations that can be explored and enjoyed this time of year and with the snow depth staying at about 9 feet the coverage is good.

The premier ski for this season is the High Meadows, a big bowl above Loch Eileen with peaks to ski up to 7000 feet in elevation. Along the way Yo-yo Hill will tempt you to stop and practice your turns. This area can be accessed by crossing Lake Julius and climbing up the inlet to Eileen, then continuing your climb up the ridge between Loch Eileen and Lake Donald. Here you climb up above Yo-yo Hill and enter the High Meadows. Take your pick of the slopes and enjoy!  If the avalanche conditions are stable you can also enter the High Meadows via McCue Ridge.

Lonesome Ridge is another destination for a great tour. Ski to Picnic Point and drop down to cross Roaring Creek then climb up the trail that eventually reaches Lake Ethel to Lonesome Ridge. You can ski along the high plateau and drop down to Loch Eileen to exit.

In stable conditions skiing to Ewing Basin and Larch Lake is a beautiful tour. Climb McCue Ridge then drop down the south side to Lake Chiwaukum. From here ski up the valley through Ewing Basin to Larch Lake.

The standard half day tour of McCue Ridge is awesome in the spring. Also climbing staircase and skiing Don’s High Road to Calypso is a great way to exit Scottish Lakes on your last day.

It is a well known secret that Spring is the time to really get into the backcountry. There are many big ski days yet in the 2014 Ski Season.