Shut down!

April 24th, 2014 in Around the Woodstove

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As we close down High Camp for the season there is much to do! From the parking lot, to mid mountain and of course at camp we need to put the winter season to sleep. We shut down for the months of May, June and July to allow the deep snows to melt.

We put the sets of four chains for each vehicle in its own bucket so we can find them easily next season. The suburbans are brought down and made ready for clean up and tune up. We make mid mountain disappear! The gas truck is parked below. Gas and diesel are drained from the tanks and the tanks are then removed so we can use the truck for woodcutting. The snowmobiles are moved up to Roundabout and tarped for summer (although we leave one down so we can take advantage of High Meadow skiing in May). The groomer is also moved to Roundabout and made ready for its summer maintenance.

At High Camp all the dirty laundry and garbageĀ is brought down. In each cabin the “paper products” are hidden so they don’t become nests for rodents. We bag the pillows and bedding. Pots and buckets are turned over and the dishes are packed away in tubs.

We store the sleds, snowboards, snowshoes and poles in the empty woodshed. We leave the water running into and out of the cedar hot tub so it doesn’t dry out and begin to leak. And then we sadly wave goodbye as we leave a wonderful 2013-14 season behind! Thank you everyone!