Backpacking Season!

June 28th, 2014 in High Camp Articles

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Well it is almost backpacking season at Scottish Lakes. There is still snow at 6000 feet. But we are all dreaming of hikes we will take in late July and August. High Camp is a great place to base your backpack trip, especially if you are taking kids along. As many of you know, we are not allowed to provide transportation to the backcountry for hikers. We can only drive our guests to camp. So if you want to have the advantage of starting your backpack at 5000 feet you need to stay with us. That only needs to be one night! So, you can either come up to Scottish Lakes and spend your first night there, then hike, or come up and start your backpack that day coming back to camp to spend your last night. Many people like to spend their last night at camp so they can take a shower and hot tub. You can leave a cooler at camp so you can cook a great meal in your cabin on that last day.

Here are the mileages to popular backpack destinations out of Scottish Lakes High Camp:

  • Lake Julius – 5 miles round trip
  • Loch Eileen – 6 miles round trip
  • Lake Donald – 7 miles round trip
  • Lake Chiwaukum – 7 miles round trip
  • Lake Ethel – 9 miles round trip
  • Larch Lake – 10 miles round trip

A base camp at either Lake Julius, Eileen or Donald can include trips to the higher lakes and the high meadows above Lake Donald.

A base camp at Lake Chiwaukum can include trips to Ewing Basin, Larch Lake and Cup Lake.