Where can we hike during the fire closure?

August 31st, 2014 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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We are so happy to be open for our fall hiking season, although our hikes have been limited by the fire closure boundary which is the result of the Chiwaukum Creek Fire. At this time we can hike to Lake Julius, Lock Eileen and Lake Ethel via beautiful Lonesome Ridge. The Sunset Trail out of High Camp is also open. You can walk Bonnie Brae road to see the edge of the fire and some of the damage. Our Fly Fishing Weekend is September 12, 13, 14. We are running a great weekend special of $120 per person for 2 nights lodging and transportation, kids just pay $15 transportation fee. During the week the cost of the special price drops to $100. The fire started down in the Chiwaukum drainage and came over McCue Ridge in the area of ski routes we call Bonnie Brae and Don’s High Road where Big Jim Viewpoint and Lovers Lookout are. The fire also slopped over Upper Sunset Trail in some places.  These areas are not bare and blackened…the fire swept through the trees reaching the ground in some areas…missing stands of trees in other areas.  I believe the area will revive itself over the next year or so and be as beautiful as ever.

This fire was a natural event. The Chiwaukum drainage has not burned in at least 75 years. The fire’s edge was 1/2 mile  below Lake Chiwaukum, so there is no damage there or any of the area above it (Larch Lake, Ewing Basin). Kyle Cannon is the forest ranger for our area and big supporter of Scottish Lakes High Camp. He is watching conditions and will open the south side of McCue Ridge as the area stabilizes and the weather modifies. His main concern is safety, not wanting to open the area above the fire to prevent curious hikers from dropping down into the drainage to get a peak.