September 1st, 2014 in Yesterday

Past Articles

There is something special about Scottish Lakes High Camp. It has nothing to do with the owners of the establishment. It has to do with this special place in the natural world and the wonderful community surrounding it. High Camp has gone through many upheavals:  when Bill and Peg Stark the original owners sold it and put their faith in a new generation of proprietors, when an entire building burned down and we did not even miss a day of reservations, when we could not get 25 adults and 20 kids down from High Camp due to a snow dump and they happily stayed a FOURTH night. There have been tragedies associated with Scottish Lakes also and injuries and rescues! Of course the most recent challenge for High Camp has been the Chiwaukum Creek Fire which closed us down for a month and we are still waiting on some of our trails to open for fall hiking. My point in all of this is the special quality of place that keeps it going. This little village in the middle of nowhere has the power to restore itself and to restore the lives of those who both work and recreate there. All I can say is I am blessed to be connected with Scottish Lakes Back Country Resort.