December in the Back Country at High Camp

November 25th, 2014 in High Camp Happenings

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We open December this year with our annual volunteer trail marking party! We are so excited, there are over 20 people signed up and a good snow base for skiing trails, checking for markers that have disappeared over the year and clipping branches that obscure signs and diamonds.

Over the years we have developed a few special traditions at High Camp during this festive season. The first is Tree Trimming which falls on the first Saturday in December. This weekend is also Family Weekend so it is a happy, fun filled event. The kids string cranberries and popcorn. We decorate the tree adding decorations that have been donated over the years by our wonderful guests. The tree stands in the lodge in front of the double doors, where the ceiling is high so the tree can be as tall as we want it. We make Christmas cookies, listen to music and enjoy each other’s company.

Christmas Eve at High Camp is always casual. We never plan a big event. Some guests are running from the chaos of the holiday and appreciate the quiet simple atmosphere. If other guests want to gather they meet in the lodge for appetizers….or maybe even share dinner. It is truly an organic experience inspired by those who choose to spend Christmas Eve at Scottish Lakes.

New Year’s Eve is a long standing party tradition at High Camp. We celebrate Newfoundland New Year! Newfoundland is 4 1/2 time zones away so the count down for midnight starts just before 7:30 pm. The party starts at 6 or so with appetizers, champagne and sparking cider. This is perfect for active Scottish Lakes guests! They can either continue the celebration in their own cabin or just hit the sack after a day of skiing.

We still have some cabins available during the busy times of December. Maybe a visit will be part of your holiday celebration.