High Camp Comforts

December 28th, 2014 in Around the Woodstove

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As a fairly regular visitor to High Camp (95 nights and counting) I have created a packing list of items that have made my stays more comfortable.

With the advent of the heat moldable ski boot liners a new condition has come to the fore front, commonly referred to as “swamp foot”. In the Greek “Sweatis Foot Maximus”, meaning at the end of the ski day the interior of your boot liners are soaked, your socks wet and your foot is slightly pruney. With these new liners you cannot simply place them by the fire to dry. The heat will cause the moldable material to reactivate and puff up like a marshmallow. I had to find an effective way to dry out the interior of the liners before the next day’s tour.

The Peet Propane  Boot Dryer does just that through thermal convection. The unit is portable, taking up the space of a shoe box. (I wear a size 14 so my shoe boxes are shall we say a little on the large size). It is safe to operate in the cabins and will leave you with dry boots in about 4 hours. I usually place my boots on my unit overnight and let me tell you it is nice to put on a toasty warm dry pair of boots the next morning.

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Don G. The North Cascades Wanderer