Nomad Camps Part 2

January 30th, 2015 in Yesterday

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Last month I shared the first portion of an old brochure that Bill and Peg Stark produced in 1985 for their “Nomad Camps” now know as Scottish Lakes High Camp. Jim Snider emailed me in response to the article. Thank you so much Jim! These are great memories to share.

Here is what he wrote:

Your article of the old flyer brings back many great times. The couple in the pic is Tim and Chris who were some of the “yahoos” of the era. Bill called some “yahoos” and the earliest of us were the “goon squad”. I was at the Chalet with Bill and Peg in 1974 as an intern and stayed on for many more years. I helped Bill put the first frame up at High Camp in the first October snowstorm of the year after a week in the Enchantments. In 1988, I spent my last winter taking care of camp. We served meals then and I cooked and then took folks out on tours and went down to town on Monday morning and back to camp on Tuesday. That winter we had a big problem with pine martens and they made a hell of a mess. One even got in the oven and as you might guess shat in the broiler. Did not know till Peg came up and we were doing dinner for 10 guests. Oh the stink.

Came back to Washington 3 months ago and went to see Peg in Port Townsend. She is 98 as of December 4th. Health is good and mind is doing well. Hope to get to High Camp again some day.

Jim Snider

I will share the information they provided describing the accommodations and the meals. But don’t get excited! We will not be providing meals for our guests. Peg told me that was the toughest part of owning High Camp and she just never wanted to cook again! Direct quotes from the brochure are in italics.

Dinner in the old lodge

The Accommodations…

…are unique. But then, so are you – that’s why you’ll be interested in coming here.

  1. Near the highway, a short way from where you park, is an area for gentle ski touring on roads, trails and open valley land; it’s easily accessible, and cross-country ski lessons will be available by advanced reservation.
  2. The Midway camp, halfway between base and ridge top is available for lunch stops (or overnight, with prior arrangements).
  3. Near the top of McCue Ridge (5000′) is theĀ highest camp, with overnight lodging and meals for up to 25 people. You can choose lodging and delicious meals at the McCue Ridge Camp, or you can arrange for lodging only (fully equipped for cooking if you wish) at any of the camps. All lodgings have thick foam mattresses, and extremely efficient woodburning stoves for heating…they are truly comfortable!

And the Meals!

What kind of meals can you get in the middle of the woods? These are typical dinners:

  • curried corn soup
  • chicken marsala
  • parsley potatoes
  • zucchini parmesan
  • artichoke heart salad
  • bread sticks
  • “tipsy” cake
  • sherried bouillon
  • stir fry of marinated beefsteak & vegetables
  • rice
  • rolls
  • hot spiced fruit with cookies

Ready for breakfast? How about:

  • 7-grain cereal with pineapple
  • ham slices
  • hash browns
  • sweet rolls
  • fruit drink

Once again…that was in 1985, not now. Meals are not coming to Scottish Lakes any time soon, as per Peg Stark’s strong suggestion.