Nomad Camps

January 5th, 2015 in Yesterday

Past Articles

When Bill and Peg Stark started High Camp they did not call it Scottish Lakes. It was called:  Nomad Camps. A High Camp guest of many years sent me an old brochure from back in the day… actually 1985. I will be sharing the information on those early years from the brochure and even some photos! Below are the first few paragraphs of the brochure. Enjoy the prose certainly written by Peg who has a wonderful way with words.

Your hosts are Peg and Bill Stark, who’ve welcomed visitors to the Adventure Chalet at Leavenworth for many years. The Starks found that their guests enjoyed the cross-country tours so much that they wanted to sleep out in the high mountains as well. So, the Starks established a series of “Nomad Camps” – cabins and large heated tents in the heart of the eastern Cascades, some of the finest cross-country skiing and snowshoeing terrain available.nomad camp

The Location

You’ll find it on your maps as the Coulter Creek-McCue Ridge-Chwaukum Range beyond Merritt from the west, and from the east through Tumwater Canyon. The ski trails are in the Wenatchee National Forest and in the lightly harvested forests of the Longview Fiber Company. It’s close to home, yet far enough away to give you a sense of wilderness.

The Terrainnomad camp 002

More than 50 miles of excellent cross-country terrain are open to you, from ideally graded, packed and marked forest roads, to miles of cleared, marked but untouched “wild” ski trails and sweeping meadows and bowls at higher elevations. Where you go, there’s a good chance you’ll be the only ones there…and that’s a real adventure!old time