Nomad Camps Part 3

February 25th, 2015 in Yesterday

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I have been sharing an old brochure with you from 1984 written by Bill and Peg Stark. It has brought us back to the era of woolen knickers and wooden cross country skis. It has also confirmed the fact that the joy and hospitality of Scottish Lakes High Camp has not changed over time. This is the third and final post on Nomad Camp – For Winter Fun and Adventure.


You’ve decided that cross-country skiing is for you – the equipment is lightweight, you don’t need a lot of lessons, you can go where the crowds aren’t. 

Or, you’re already a veteran of cross-country, and now you’re looking for interesting places to ski and to stay, for a real wilderness adventure.

Come to the Leavenworth, Washington area – where the snow piles up into crisp, deep powder, where the skies turn blue most every day, and where you can glide silently up through snow-cushioned open woods to view the spectacular Cascades from rolling ridge tops.

Then, at the end of the day, enjoy a gourmet meal and a warm bed in a “Nomad Camp” – a heated shelter tucked in under the trees, maybe even high up on a mountain ridge – your home base for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Stay as many days as you want, and ski a different area every day! Now for the facts…

Ski, walk or ride…Good skiing begins 1/2 mile in and continues on to the upper camps and the meadows beyond. The Midway Camp is 4 1/2 miles and 1400 feet elevation gain above the cars via packed forest road for a shorter distance via ungroomed but marked trail. The High Camp is another 3 1/2 miles and 1300 feet in elevation, via a packed road. Most skiers can go all the way up in 4 to 6 hours. (Transportation is available for you and/or your gear, via heated, enclosed snow tractor.) Coming out it’s downhill practically all the way, and generally skiable in less than 3 hours, depending on snow conditions.

The old Thiokol snocat and wooden skis

old snocat and wooden skis

Come see for yourself…and enjoy a real mountain adventure, whether you want to tour by cross country skies or snowshoes, or just experience the winter woods. You’ll find friends and relaxation in the High Camp’s warm friendly atmosphere. A year old baby is a happy guest. Seven year olds ski from High Camp to the highway. Mountain minded teenagers love it, as do over seventy grandparents. Skiers of all ages, find fun on Telemark Hill and beauty and adventure exploring the high the clear cutsnomad camp