Canvas Cabins, Plywood Tents

March 27th, 2015 in Yesterday

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In October of 2005 we had a little celebration honoring the history of High Camp. Bill and Peg Stark were invited, but unable to attend. When she learned about it, Peg was inspired to write us a letter letting us know a little more about how Bill and Peg found the location for Scottish Lakes High Camp. Here is a portion of that letter.


Bill and I had long been intrigued with the country around Lake Ethel and above. It looked like excellent cross country skiing, so we began exploring.

The weekend we found what later became the Scottish Lakes Nomad Camps, we left our car down by Chiwaukum Creek and skied up to McCue Ridge from Chiwaukum Lake. It as a stiffish climb, but once we skied down from McCue Ridge to the MR Road we found what seemed an ideal spot and set up our tents for the night. No matter that our tent was on snow ten feet above the stream that was to become our water supply up there for the rest of the winter. Bill shoveled stairs down to the stream and we went to bed and explored the area fully the next day.

I forget whether we skied out the way we came in or down the logging road system to Highway 2, then back to Chiwaukum Creek. No matter. We had found what we were looking for.

During February and the rest of that winter we set up tents for guests at “High Camp”. The following summer we built some structures with platforms so that the tents wouldn’t be buried in the snow. Gradually the tents became cabins for our guests. Our son referred to our tents as “canvas cabins” and the cabins as “plywood tents”. Thanks to you they have been considerably upgraded since then.

It was a busy life, but a fascinating one. We met many interesting, adventuresome people and kept ourselves in good physical shape, as I’m sure you do.

With affectionate remembrance, Peg’n Bill StarkBill and Peg Stark