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March 25th, 2015 in High Camp Happenings

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We have had the privilege this year of hosting 3 different schools at Scottish Lakes. These schools are not new to High Camp, they all have brought students before. They come back because the kids absolutely love it. Comments sent back in thank you notes read:

“Thank you for your hospitality, warm words, and amazing trails. I wish I had more time to explore, but at least I made it to High Point.”

“I had a blast skiing all around, playing in the snow and just hanging out in paradise. It was a great week!”

“Shredding the powder down was so dope!”

“Hiking to and skiing down from High Point was truly a life changing experience.”

When kids feel this good about themselves and their learning experience it is truly a teachable moment. The educators who work so hard to organize and make these trips happen understand this. The schools visiting this year were: White Mountain School in New Hampshire, Catlin Gable in Oregon and Billings Middle School from Seattle. The group size ranged from 12 to 30. The nights spent at High Camp ranged from 2 nights to 4. The kids were happy, engaged and of course full of energy. The instructors planned excellent lessons, built positive group community and gave the students time to enjoy the back country and each other. I have so much respect for these outstanding Outdoor Education programs!

White Mountain SchoolChris

Billings Middle SchoolCatlin Gable