Chiwaukum Creek Trail Still Closed

April 21st, 2015 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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I spoke with the Forest Service this week to get an update on the trail closures due to the Chiwaukum Fire. I knew there were portions still closed because the trail head road to the Chiwaukum Trail is still barricaded on Highway 2. The concern is for public safety. There is a possibility of flooding, unstable trees and soils, and rolling rock in the fire area. Trees that look stable, for example, might not have a root system any longer. The area of the Chiwaukum Creek Fire is still a high risk environment. This closure will also give the area time to grow back. I will update this post as I get information.

You can hike into Chiwaukum Lake via Lake Ethel and McCue Ridge. It is the trail below Chiwaukum Lake that is closed, but the lake itself and above is open for hiking!

 The website to check is:

The map of the closure is:

There are four closure areas on theWenatchee River district because of wildfires. 

National forest lands are closed south and west of Highway 2 from Tumwater Canyon into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, in the Chiwaukum Creek area.


  • All of Icicle Ridge Trail (#1570) is open.
  • Fourth of July Creek Trail (#1579) is open.
  • Chatter Creek Trail (#1580) is open.
  • Lake Ethel Trail (#1585) is open.
  • Roaring Creek Trail (#1584) is open
  • Lake Julius, Eileen, Donald and Ethel are open.
  • Glacier Creek Trail #1573 is open
  • McCue  Ridge Trail #1574 is open
  • West end of North Fork Chiwaukum Trail #1591 from junction with Glacier Creek trail is open
  • West end of Chiwaukum Creek Trail #1571 from junction with Index Creek trail is open
  • Index Creek Trail #1572 is open

All of Nason Ridge is now open. Rainy Creek Road (6700), FS Road 65/6500 are now open. Minotaur Lake Trail is open.

The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail is open.  The Enchantment Lakes area remains open, as are Lake Wenatchee, and the White River and Chiwawa River drainages.  Ingalls Lake Trail to Headlight Basin and Ingalls Lake, and the Longs Pass Trail remain open.

Chiwaukum Creek Road