Chiwaukum Creek Trailhead Now Open

April 23rd, 2015 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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As of April 21, 2015 The Chiwaukum Creek Fire Closure has been significantly amended! Many areas are now open! It is great news for hikers, but when hiking through area of the fire many hazards exist and people need to be cautious! Most common hazards are:  falling snags, unstable slope with rolling logs and rock, debris flows and trail damage (undercuts and washouts). So you can enjoy the area, but expect some challenges.

Here is the website to check:


  • All of Icicle Ridge Trail (#1570) is open.
  • Fourth of July Creek Trail (#1579) is open.
  • Chatter Creek Trail (#1580) is open.
  • Lake Ethel Trail (#1585) is open.
  • Roaring Creek Trail (#1584) is open
  • Lake Julius, Eileen, Donald and Ethel are open.
  • Glacier Creek Trail #1573 is open
  • McCue  Ridge Trail #1574 is open
  • West end of North Fork Chiwaukum Trail #1591 from junction with Glacier Creek trail is open
  • West end of Chiwaukum Creek Trail #1571 from junction with Index Creek trail is open
  • Index Creek Trail #1572 is open

All dispersed camping in the Chiwaukum Creek trailhead area will be closed.


Hatchery Creek is closed at Highway 2 (there is more explanation below and you can also check out the map.) Basically it means there is no vehicle access up that road so the trailhead to Lake Augusta and Icicle Ridge will not be accessible from the Hatchery Creek Road. Hatchery Creek is the road that goes south of Highway 2 just west of the Tumwater Canyon Bridge.

Hatchery Creek Recreation Residence Tract will remain closed to use. The Area closure boundary begins at the gate on FSR 7905-000. From there follow the Wenatchee River for a mile and a half mile downstream; from that point the closure boundary goes 330 feet due west which brings you to the elevation of 1700 feet; from that point the closure boundary heads northwest for 2000 feet to the private property boundary between section 16 and 17. The closure boundary then follows the private property line to the north for 650 feet to FSR 7905-000, and then heads west for 200 feet then heads northwest for 660 feet to FSR 7905. At this point the closure follows Hatchery Creek to the southeast for 1500 feet to FSR 7905-000. At this point the closure boundary follows FSR 7905-000 to the gate.

Tumwater Campground is closed. Due to upstream slope and vegetation damage caused by Chiwaukum Fire, and the associated risk of debris flows and flash floods, Tumwater Campground and Picnic Area are closed until further notice.