April 25th, 2015 in Yesterday

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We have come a long way since 1994 in terms of transportation equipment. We started with an ancient Thiokol and an old suburban as our only transportation vehicles in 1994. This has been a fantastic year for us in terms of upgrades. We purchased a 1991 Piston Bulley 240D snocat and 3 Skidoo snowmobiles. This puts our snowmobile fleet at 7 with 3 new gear sleds to add to the mix. We have 4 suburbans and are working on purchasing a 5th. We also bought a new old truck to use as a fuel truck during the winter and a log transport truck during woodcutting. We have come a very long way!

As a result we have a HUGE problem with getting rid of old vehicles, snocats, and snowmobiles that do not run! So our challenge for this summer is to:

  • cut up the old Piston Bulley with a cutting torch and haul it down off the mountain for disposal
  • get rid of 2 dead snowmobiles
  • get rid of the old green truck
  • take the engine out of one dead suburban and put it in our red suburban to buy it a few years on the road
  • then get rid of that gutless suburban
  • get rid of the old 4 runner
  • get the old derelict tiller off the mountain and dispose of it
  • clean up the parking lot disposing of discarded metal parts from various repairs
  • getting rid of all the rusted out chimney pipe up at High Camp

Out with the old and in with the new!!!! Oh my goodness, we have our plate full.